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Ubuntu United Nations' partners meet in Brno, Czech Republic

Following the first meeting in Lisbon, held on the 9th and 10th of November 2021, the Ubuntu United Nations' partners came together once again this time in Brno, Czech Republic between the May 9 and 10 to reflect and discuss the next steps of the initiative.

Over the last few months, the P. António Vieira Institute, the Tomillo Foundation, the SM Foundation and the Artevio organization have been joining forces to launch four outputs until the end of 2022: a book, a manual, pedagogical videos and a digital platform with the aim of exposing the success of the project, but, most importantly, of creating new resources and adapting materials that allow the future project replication and of building an online tool that unites the entire Ubuntu United Nations community.

The meeting was also the chance to meet the whole team and improve the communication and project planning flow, by getting all members on the same direction.

The book will feature the internationally renowned guest speakers' speeches as well as the Delegates' interventions in all seminars. The manual and the pedagogical videos will be a compilation of all online activities developed during the training and the structure that this project demands.

Finally, the digital platform will allow access to training resources, to a blog with the latest developments regarding the Ubuntu United Nations and to an interaction instrument for the UUN community.

The Ubuntu United Nations is a planetary training program developed by the Ubuntu Leaders Academy with the purpose of training a new generation of leaders around the world based on the Ubuntu philosophy – I am because you are.

This project is financed by Erasmus Plus – Youth in Action Agency.

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